Let the anchor chain become the new winner of the industry

The anchor chain lays the foundation for the development of the industry, let us have more confidence in the future development, chain chain It also brings more colors to it. Our production technology in the chain of anchors combines many innovative processes. The company has strong capital and technical strength, and we firmly believe that we can create the best quality products and become the new winners in the industry.     Anchor chain to get good connection quality, generally select and regulate welding parameters. 1 When the burning is completed, the cross section should be heated and symmetrical and the connecting zone should have a uniform temperature. 2 At the end of the burning, generally, a high burning intensity is obtained, and the reaction of the end faces is avoided. 3 When the top is forged, the deformation should be controlled at a sufficient speed to avoid the welding section metal being fixed too early. At the same time, the amount of deformation should ensure that the metal has some dispersion on the interface surface.     After years of technical research and development and continuously meet the diversified needs of our customers, our company produces Chain chain, quality assurance, after-sales service is a benign situation in the operation of the train!