Looking to the future, the mining connecting ring meets the demand

The connecting ring is a link for connecting between chains, Anchor chainThe serrated chain ring can be installed horizontally and vertically. The toothed shape of the mining connecting ring is unique, the tooth shape is accurate and easy to assemble and disassemble. The performance of the connecting ring is directly related to the production efficiency of coal mining under the mine. We will open up a new business world with our dedicated service.    The company adheres to the principle that reputation is life, quality strives for survival, and households are the parents of food and clothing. The connection ring makes new contributions to new and old customers at home and abroad. From the moment of production, the mining connecting ring is strict with all kinds of details, constantly pioneering and enterprising, brave in reform and innovation, researching high-tech, and casting wear-resistant products. When working underground, the scraper chain undertakes the traction task, and the different parts of the connecting ring are under different stress states under the action of external force. In the normal operation of the mining connecting ring, the section of the scraper is subjected to the maximum shear stress, which should be elongated after the section is elongated.     Looking to the future, make great efforts to chains, The mining connecting ring is made of high-quality alloy steel materials and advanced heat treatment methods for various types of chains. The connecting ring meets the diverse needs of customers in terms of quality specifications.