Railway balance beam spreader wheel with flange for railway

Rail balance beam spreader wheels are flanged for railway use. The simplest form of the anchor chain is a balanced beam spreader mounted on a wagon. A more capable dedicated device. Different types of balance beam spreaders are used for maintenance work, recovery operations and cargo loading of cargo codes and waste disposal facilities.
Floating balance beam spreaders are mainly used for bridge construction and port construction, but they are also occasionally used for loading and unloading particularly large or sturdy loading vessels. Some floating balance beam spreaders are installed on the pontoons. Other professional lifting barges have a lifting capacity of more than 10,000 short tons (8,929 long tons; 9072 tons) and are used to transport the entire bridge section. Floating balance beam spreaders are also used to salvage shipwrecks.
  Balance beam spreader ships are often used in offshore construction. The largest rotary balance beam spreader found on the SSCV Thialf, which has two balance beam spreaders with a capacity of 7,100 tons (7826 short tons, 7826 long tons). For 50 years, the largest balanced beam spreader was "Herman Germany's "Long Beach Naval Shipyard," three of Hitler's Germany and captured in the war. The balance beam spreader was sold to the Panama Canal in 1996 and is now known as the Titan.
  Helicopter airborne beam spreaders or "sky balance beam spreaders" are often designed to lift large loads. Anchor chain helicopters are able to reach and upgrade areas that are difficult to achieve with traditional balanced beam spreaders. Helicopter cranes are the most commonly used boost units / loaded into shopping centers, with high-rise buildings. They can lift any lifting ability in them (cars, boats, swimming pools, etc.). They also carried out cleanups after disaster relief natural disasters and burned them in wildfires to carry huge buckets of water to extinguish the fire.